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Building Blocks of Electronic Devices

Microcontrollers - Building Blocks of Electronic Devices

What are Microcontrollers

0Microcontrollers are integrated circuits that contain all the basic parts of a computer. Essentially, they’re a computer the size of a chip. These devices take their name from the fact that they are used as control devices in various applications. They’re found in a huge number of different devices, including cars, industrial equipment, some types of appliances and more.

Microcontrollers make possible some of the most vital and impressive automated technologies. Medical devices, for instance, oftentimes have microcontrollers in them and, when they’re implanted in the body, they can help to keep people alive and healthy by carrying out instructions for the medical device that regulate heartbeat and so forth.

Microcontrollers are programmed and installed and perform their designated functions for as long as the device lasts. They can be reprogrammed. Some of the kits available for working with these devices come with simulation software that allows programmers to try out their creations on a simulated microcontroller without actually having to use one of the components.

Microcontrollers are very simple and small in terms of their capacities when compared to a desktop, tablet or other type of computer. Nonetheless, they make possible some of the most innovative technology on the market, they control some of the most complex industrial processes imaginable and they’re indispensable in developing new technologies for the future.